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Aisthesis- The term aesthetics is derived from the ancient Greek word Aisthesis.  It means perception or sensation. In its original usage, Aisthesis was related to perceptual or sensory knowledge, usually in contrast to conceptual or rational knowledge.

Aisthesis Productions was founded in 2000 by brothers Tim Reaper and Christian Moehring.  Tim, a VCU graduate with a BFA in Technical Theatre, and Christian, a Jazz Performance major, grew up with a passion for movies, particularly the Universal Monster Movies of the early 1930’s.  

The first project for Aisthesis Productions was the short film, Boogey Nightmares (2000).  Tim directed while Christian scored the film. Both wrote the script and produced what became a short, tremor of a monster movie. 

In 2001, Tim met writer/actor Monica Kallman who ultimately became Mrs. Reaper and Co-Artistic Director of Aisthesis Productions. Monica had graduated from Shenandoah University with a BA Theatre and lived in Chicago as an actor and a playwright. July 2001, she moved to New York City to cultivate her screenwriting skills.  By the fall, she relocated to Virginia. 

Together Monica and Tim crafted their skills on various projects including:  two feature length screenplays;  full length concert videos for local musicians Gwar; and a very bloody second short film, The Music Box -the inspiration for Aisthesis Production’s latest feature length film, Lights, Camera, Dead. 

In the winter of 2006, Monica and Tim saw the movie Big Fish in Middlesex at the Grace Street Theatre.  That’s where they met Jonathan Straiton …so began the White Lighting/Aisthesis Production’s Family.