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Tim Reaper (Director/Writer)
Tim the founder of Aisthesis Productions as well as its special effects artist.  His creations include: Monica’s chest piece in Lights Camera Dead and the gun shots in The Two Plates.  Tim worked for several years with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E) on various tours including Eminem, Kiss, The Eagles, and the Dave Matthews Band.  When he’s not making movies he enjoys his collection of movie memorabilia.  Favorite collectables- Promotional Barf Bags from 1970’s “Mark of the Devil” and Nastassja Kinski’s foam latex chest piece used in the movie Cat People. (and it still has her sweats stains!)


Monica Moehring- Reaper (Writer/Actor)
The backbone of Aisthesis Productions, Monica is an actor, produced playwright, and a classically trained soprano.  Previous to her film career she spent time on stage in Chicago.  When she’s not making horror movies she teaches Middle School.  She also writes and directs plays for grades K-5.  The balance of seems to be working for her.  She loves southern afternoons on her porch.

Jonathan Straiton (Executive Producer)
Jonathan is a director, a writer, and the founder of White Lightning Productions.  Highlights include producing the award winning feature Big Fish in Middlesex, which is currently available on DVD.  In his spare time he enjoys his OCD.  Some of his hobbies include inspecting his stove, putting his iron in the freezer, and checking his doorknobs 13 times.

Mean Gene- (Producer/Composer)
An avid percussionist, Gene won Best Original Score for Big Fish in Middlesex at the B-Movie Festival, 2006.  He credits his creative, imaginative compositions to 20 hours of sleep a day and a daily regimen of THC.  Gene is often seen wearing his sunglasses at night.

Wes Reid (Actor)
Career highlights include: Best actor Myrtle Beach Film Festival, 2006 (Big Fish in Middlesex) and most recently Best Actor Bare Bones Film Festival, 2008 (Clay) Careers lows include: Eating a three day old sandwich left in the back of Monica’s car during a break in filming then vomiting profusely.  He did however continue through the scene never missing a cue.

Amy Lollo (actor)
Not only does Amy play the ass-kicking Kari Price in Lights Camera Dead she’s been with the project and Aisthesis Productions through thick and thin.  She’s directed and acted around Virginia with the Fort Lee Theatre and the Henrico Theatre Company.  She is currently on staff with the Richmond Shakespeare Company.  She alone began the black nail polish trend.

JC Lira (actor)
JC Lira is the gigantic disembodied brain behind the corporate samurai film Hitiro the Peasant, the satirical card game Pimp: the Backhanding, and the soon-to-be-released movie No Nerds at NASA, an homage to 80s Nerd comedies. He is a teacher, writer, and swashbuckler; Lights Camera Dead is a rare foray into acting: an isolated incident, he assures you. Chicks dig his beard.


Richard Christy (special appearance)
Richard Christy is an American drummer, comedian, actor, radio personality, and prank caller who currently works for The Howard Stern Show. He earned the position after winning the "Win John's Job" contest on July 1, 2004. He is known on the show for his prank calls and stunts that he does with fellow staff member Sal "The Stockbroker" Governale. Richard also played drums with the popular heavy metal bands Death, Iced Earth, Control Denied, and Burning Inside. Richard has appeared in numerous TV shows and films including Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.