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Aisthesis Productions, in association with White Lightning Productions, began filming Lights Camera Dead in the summer of 2006 with a cast of seven and a rotating crew ranging in number between 3-10.  Often times when an actor wasn’t in a scene they were holding the boom mic or pressing the button on the fog machine.    Because every person involved had other full time jobs and responsibilities, we filmed when we could, which was usually late at night or over weekends.

We took 9 days in August to film the bulk of the exterior night footage.  The challenge was finding a remote location, preferably an abandoned farmhouse, with electricity to power the lights and cameras.  Enter Billy Bain.

Billy Bain, of Billy Bain Farms, was kind enough to let us film on his farm and run power through his barns.  The back section of the farm where we shot included an old sharecropper’s house.  Although the Bain family believed the house to be haunted and would not go inside at night, we saw it as a good omen for filming a horror movie.
During the 9 days, or nights rather, of shooting, we would gather everything we needed for that night’s shoot and caravan out to Dinwiddie County, Virginia, which is about an hour south of civilization.

We continued filming through the fall and winter of 2006, and the spring and summer of 2007. We filmed in a variety of locations including: an abandoned street in Fredericksburg;   in our families’ back yards, porches, and businesses; we built sets in garages; we filmed in our own bedroom; and at Sweatshop Studios in Brooklyn, NY. 

Time was precious and coordinating schedules was never easy.   We had to do what we could whenever it was possible.  We filmed on birthdays, holidays and even the week before the Reapers were wed.

In the summer of 2007 Lights Camera Dead was edited by Jonathan Straiton at Duke Studios and scored by Mean Gene at Pit Bull Productions.  Additional music for the film was provided by recording artists Darkest Hour, Immortal Avenger, and Pelvic Fury.